DTF by Wellington House

Use this CMYK Color Chart to help with matching DTF Transfer colors.

CMYK Color Chart

As easy as:

  1. Download the PDF file

  2. Open it in your design program (CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, etc...) and resave/export it with your settings.

  3. Upload the PDF as a DTF design (order either as DTF Per Piece or fit on a DTF Gang Sheet)

  4. Make the chart as big or as little as you want - PDF file is sized at 14.5" x 8.75"

  5. Submit your DTF order

  6. After receiving your color chart, heat apply it onto a scrap piece of fabric or a shirt

  7. Use the CMYK color values from the chart in your design files

While this chart should help you get close to the colors you want, there is no guarantee it will be an exact match. With an ever changing DTF industry, slight changes in inks, materials, and printer technology can cause noticeable and even major changes in printed colors.

The DTF team at Wellington House is determined to give you the highest quality DTF transfers and provide the most helpful customer service during the process.