DTF by Wellington House

Wellington House Inc - Content Standards

Wellington House Inc is proud to supply businesses, small and large, with DTF Transfers that meet their customer’s needs. We recognize that custom apparel is a form of personal expression and a way of communicating a variety of viewpoints and opinions.

However, we also recognize that these ‘expressions’ can potentially have a negative impact on others. Because of this, we try to strike a balance between ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘negative’ or ‘offensive’ content.

The following is a list of guidelines and standards to help you understand what we will produce, maybe produce, and will not produce when printing DTF Transfers.

YES - check mark
MAYBE - question mark
NO - red X mark

We use a system of “YES - MAYBE - NO”, as represented by the symbols above, to determine if your designs or artwork meet our standards. If the design is questionable and falls into the MAYBE category, we may contact you to discuss potential alternatives.

Here is a list of general guidelines of each content standard category. This is not meant to be an exhaustive or complete list to cover every possible scenario. Ultimately the decision of design approval rests with our team.

YES - check mark

YES: Designs That Will Be Produced

DTF By Wellington House will produce designs that:

  • Are not likely to offend others
  • Use language and images appropriate for people of all ages
  • Use legally authorized content and do not violate intellectual property rights
MAYBE - question mark

MAYBE: Designs That Might Be Produced

DTF By Wellington House may not produce or may require changes be made to designs that:

  • Include defamatory statements
  • Encourage harassment of any people(s) or group(s)
  • Dehumanize individuals or encourage violence
  • Include vulgar or lewd content (text or images)
  • Include sexually suggestive content, including images of an artistic/health/medical nature
  • Feature violence, including events, terms, or images
  • Promote, focus on, or encourage illegal activity
  • Advertise, endorse, or defend criminal or alleged criminal acts
  • Contain content that may incite harm or violence
NO - red X mark

NO: Designs That Will Not Be Produced

DTF by Wellington House will not produce uploaded designs that:

  • Infringe on the intellectual property rights of others
  • Comprise or contain libel, fraud, or other illegal activities
  • Encourage violence, abuse, hate, or harassment against individuals or groups
  • Include hate speech or derogatory terms
  • Include expletives or profanity (curse or swear words)
  • Endorse, promote, or feature the use of hard drugs
  • Contain explicit sexual content or nudity
  • Include any sexually suggestive images or text involving children or minors
  • Feature or encourage underage drinking, smoking, or marijuana use

If you have questions about whether your design meets our standards or not, please contact our team using: