DTF by Wellington House

Create custom t-shirts, hats, accessories, and more with our new DTF Transfers! Unlimited colors and no borders necessary. Let your creativity run wild with limitless options. DTF Transfers feature vibrant colors and a matte finish made to last.

DTF Transfer Features:

  • Applies to Cotton, Polyester, Poly/Cotton blends, Tri-Blends
  • Low temp application of only 290°
  • Unlimited colors & fine details
  • Easy to upload, order, and heat apply
  • Exceptional quality - soft hand with matte finish
  • Unequaled durability - won't fade, crack, or peel


Our online systems accepts different file types but the best file types are:

  • PNG (300dpi)
  • PDF (Vector)

No, we do not color match DTF Transfers at this time.

Your designs will be printed 'as-is' using the color values in your file. If the colors assigned in your file are not CMYK, those colors will be converted to CMYK before printing. This could change the desired color significantly, so we always recommend using CMYK colors in your files.

Download this basic color chart to order as a DTF Transfer. This will give you a general idea of which CMYK values to use. But because these values can vary while printing, there is no guarantee on color matching.

You do not need to mirror your design unless that is how you want it to look when pressed on the garment. We automatically mirror all designs before printing.

NO. House DTF Transfers will arrive on a sheet or in a roll. We do not currently offer individually cut-apart designs.

Your design file should be setup at the exact size you need it to print, including the artboard or page.

Our website measures the outer edge of your file, not the design inside it. If your artwork is smaller than the page it's on, or there is white/empty space between the design and edge of the page, this will be included in the DTF print and pricing. This could result in your design being printed at the wrong size.

Please review all the Artwork Guidelines before submitting your file.

Product Review

03 Jun, 2024 09:38 AM
Good but not exactly how we ordered it

Everything turned out awesome. However, we ordered sheets for easy inventory and production. They came in full rolls. I had 100 tshirts and ordered 102 transfers. We were short 6 transfers, or one whole sheet. Other than that everything worked out.

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